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It is important that your prospective customers can build trust in the product or service you offer. What better way to give your business an identity worthy of trusting than by showing off what you do with a website?

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‘34% of individuals post opinions about products and brands on their blogs’1. Social Media is where your customers and potential customers are interacting – it shapes how they view your brand. So don’t miss out!

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Every social media channel is different – having their own guidelines, favouring different post types, and times to post. All this needs to be navigated. And all of this information can easily be overwhelming. Fortunately, social media is what we do best.

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Depending on your business and service / product, it may not be necessary to be on every network. It’s best to research where your industry performs best and then start with a couple of networks, get a feel for those, before branching out further if you feel necessary / curious about other networks. 

Yes! Relevant, high-quality content created with the intended user base in mind increases the chances visitors will like it, share it, and return for more. Blog posts can be especially useful as they include many key words relevant to your industry – this can help your rankings on search engines.

We can boost your business. And we will always aim to ensure expedient results, however natural growth takes time, commitment and cultivation – you get out what you put in. Depending on the size of your budget, this will effect to a degree the time it takes for posts to reach your prospective audience. This is due to pay walls on social network ads and post boosting.

Print has been with us for over 500 years. Print is far from dead, simply evolving. As with radio when television came along, print is beginning to adapt and change to ensure it maintains a place alongside digital media. This means it can still be a useful tool in any marketing tool kit.

  • Consistency – Ensure your brand has a consistent look and feel across your accounts.
  • Find your voice – The content you create should align with the look and feel of the branding you’ve established. 
  • Scheduling – Although it continues to be debated if there’s a ‘perfect time’ to post, scheduling what and when you’re going to post can still be useful. Scheduling helps you find a flow and decrease the likelihood that a post will forget to go out.
  • Auditing – Performing a social media audit across your social media accounts doesn’t need to be complex. There’s online templates you can utilise for free or if you’re using an analytics tool this will make it easy to keep an eye on your most important metrics.

We provide a mix of web design, hosting and social media services.

We can do full web builds, consult on your brand image / voice, as well as advise on SEO optimisation. If you’re unsure what services your business needs please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to have a no obligation chat.


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